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Project FAQs

Call the Fresh Paint office as soon as the project gets budgeted. Getting on the production schedule usually takes about two weeks, but depending on the season and/or weather it can take longer than that.

The majority of projects do not require a business to close. We can work around any scheduling demands your business may have. Our team works nights, weekends, and holidays to make your project as seamless as possible.

Fresh Paint is a commercial and industrial painting company. We seldom paint anything in an individual home residence, though we may paint all the decks on a townhome complex. One thing to note: If you are part of an association, you may need to check with them before scheduling or hiring for any painting projects. For residential projects we suggest calling your local Sherwin Williams or Hirshfield’s store for a recommendation of a reputable local residential painter.

Fresh Paint is primarily a painting company. We will do drywall and taping repairs to make the finished paint job look its best, but we do not hang drywall, nor do we take on projects that are only drywall and taping.

Yes! We provide design services and can help you select the best options to align with your brand and space.

We work to ensure all landscaping and objects near the building are protected. We have lightweight plastic coverings we place over shrubs to protect your landscaping from possible paint spray.

Product FAQs

There are two options when dealing with lead paint. Containment is painting over any existing lead paint so that there are no longer any areas of exposure. Fresh Paint performs this operation starting with the determination of presence of lead paint by our certified professional for a nominal fee. Abatement is the total elimination of the presence of lead paint from your house or building. This requires total enclosure for the duration of the removal process and specialized clothing and equipment. Abatement projects are beyond the scope of projects that Fresh Paint excels at.

We use low-VOC products that do not smell to keep your space’s atmosphere feeling clean. You can learn more about these products here.

FAQs About Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint was established under its current ownership in August of 1985. It is a family owned and operated business that believes in the importance of customer satisfaction. That is how we’ve stayed in business for such a long time, especially in a business where word of mouth carries a lot of weight.

Over the past five years we have continuously employed an average of 20 painters all year long. Most of our painters have worked for between 2 and 13 years. We hire professional painters, offering them benefits and guaranteeing that all are insured for your protection.