At Fresh Paint, we’re passionate about breaking through the boundaries of excellence, so we’re thrilled to announce our new membership with The Painting Contractors Association (PCA). Just like us, the PCA has always revolutionized the meaning of quality, so we couldn’t have hoped for a finer match.

The PCA is the leading trade association in the painting world. Its educational programs, network meetings, and comprehensive industry standards spell the difference between excellence and mediocrity. We at Fresh Paint have always striven for excellence, so our membership is the beginning of a brand new growth spurt. We see it as a way to affirm our transparency and ethics. As we work towards our accreditation, we become part of a team of contractors who are dedicated to the clients they serve. The PCA doesn’t just affirm the growth in our history. It will also push us towards greater things. We’re excited to watch our existing blueprint improve and transform as we network with the finest contractors in the industry.

Changing Coatings, Changing Lives

PCA membership provides a detailed map to help its members become the finest version of themselves. A fresh coat of paint is more than just a stylish new palette for your walls. That’s why the association’s Industry Standards have been refined for 130 years. They give businesses:

  • A way to measure the quality of our coatings.
  • A guide towards achieving verifiable uniformity in every project.
  • An in-depth understanding of consumer protection against deficiencies.
  • A blueprint for achieving budget-friendly contracts and bids.

Members participate in a range of industries, including architecture, engineering, and construction. This means that every niche is covered from every possible angle. The standards define everything from surface inspection and adherence to coating benchmarks and coated papers.

Environmental factors, for example, can destroy a beautiful coating. Your choice of paint must be designed for the unique lighting around it. The temperature and humidity levels of HVAC systems can be just as destructive, so the PCA is careful about specifying how they’re handled.  State bylaws govern all that we do, so the association does advocacy around how each region is regulated.  Add job sequencing guidelines and you can make sure every contract is executed as quickly and seamlessly as possible. With new understandings of the detrimental effects of abrasion, environment, color coding, and protective coatings, every PCA member can grow to new heights of excellence.

The PCA gives coatings specialists new opportunities to grow. No wonder the association has over 2, 000 contractors in its ranks. Every contractor has followed their own path to membership, so peer-to-peer mentorship is an important part of the association’s offerings. When you hire a PCA member, you become part of a network that has the resources to truly excel.

In addition to educational resources, the PCA offers advocacy and a code of ethics that’s been refined since 1884. Its membership services include on-boarding options that ensure every worker begins their work with the skill to do us justice. The PCA also believes in encouraging under-served communities, doing charitable outreach to that end. That means members don’t just achieve their finest work – they become part of a broader social development program.

Our Future with PCA

As we walk into our future, we’ve gained access to seminars, conventions, trade shows, and publications that ensure that we never stop learning. When you deal with a PCA member, you’re assured of transparency and integrity. PCA painters achieve more… and the results are yours to enjoy.