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From Tee to Green: Good Business is All About Building Trusted Partnerships

Choosing Fresh Paint, Inc. for Your Next Project

by Mike Vowels

In golf, the player’s relationship with their caddie is unmatched. Having a caddie you can trust is crucial for executing every shot and achieving the best possible round. The same is true about partnering with a trusted vendor. As we look at the commercial and industrial markets, several important themes emerged: trusted relationships, collaboration, and constant improvement.

Building Lasting Relationships

Having grown up caddying at a local country club, I’ve learned that the focus is always on what’s best for the golfer. It’s never about you; it’s always about serving the golfer and trying to do what’s best for him or her. This experience has instilled in me a deep belief in the importance of service. At Fresh Paint, we echo this by prioritizing lasting relationships with our clients. Just like a trusted caddie, once clients know us and our brand, they know they can trust us to deliver exceptional results.

Collaborating from the Early Stages

The dynamic duo of golfer and caddie team up to conquer the course, relying on collaboration to plot the perfect strategy and unleash their inner champions! At Fresh Paint, we strategize with our clients, much like caddies on a golf course, ensuring their needs and goals are our top priority from the project’s early stages. From participating in discussions with owners and brokers to offering valuable insights for customized designs and product offerings.

So, how does this impact the companies and clients we serve? Time is valuable for our clients, and being involved from the initial discussion is key to saving them money. By introducing various options early on, we ensure efficient decision-making and avoid delays. Transformations are crucial to us and can have a profound impact on a business’s success. In the end we would love to see our client celebrating with the “green jacket”!

Transforming Your Building

As any golfer will attest, we’re striving to get better every time we play. In today’s market, there’s a common trend of renovating existing commercial buildings, often referred to as giving them a “facelift.” Due to many factors, property owners are redirecting their attention to improving the appearance and functionality of their current assets. This shift becomes more apparent as leases expire and loans come due.

In every industry, especially in commercial real estate, “Image Matters.” Fresh Paint has noticed the powerful impact of a building’s facelift and its importance on businesses financially. Effective painting and coating upgrades can breathe new life into commercial spaces, enhancing their overall appeal and marketability. As a leading commercial painting contractor, Fresh Paint offers a wide variety of options and rendering services to elevate the quality and image of any property.

As we move into the spring and summer of 2024, Fresh Paint is here to partner with you to ensure your project hits a “hole-in-one!”

Mike Vowels is the Vice President of Business Development at Fresh Paint Inc., leading a talented team. Mike is dedicated to serving customers by maintaining strong relationships and ensuring all their needs are met. His commitment to excellence was recognized in 2023 when he received the Rising Star award by the VHEDC. Outside of work, Mike enjoys activities like golfing, hiking, and connecting with his church community and social circles. A White Bear Lake native, he graduated from the University of Northwestern — St. Paul, where he played for the Eagle Golf Team. Mike is an avid golfer and serves on MNCAR’s Golf, Expo & Awards Committee. His sense of purpose and joy stems from glorifying his Creator by finding ultimate satisfaction in Him.

At Fresh Paint Inc., Your Image Matters

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