It is clear our Fresh Paint vehicles get noticed (with the bright reds, blues, and all) but we have noticed something more.

Almost every time we are at the gas station, running errands or simply stopped at a stop light we get flagged down and waved over…

Hey! I have a question; do you paint houses?

Seems a likely question with Fresh Paint, paint brushes and scaffolding carefully branded on all our vehicles, but we used to have to say; sorry, but we only do commercial painting. Which at times would become a fun conversation about what commercial painting really means and exactly what do we paint but… now! Holy smokes now! We get to say…

YES! We paint houses!

I mean, it seems so obvious; but boy oh boy what an adventure your feedback has led us to! We have geared up our team with staff that has plenty of experience painting homes, inside and out. We take pride in all of our work and will treat your home with the same care and skill we would for our own Grandma Billie’s home (you will love Grandma Billie; she is delightful but keeps us on the straight and narrow that’s for sure). Fresh Paint would love the opportunity to meet you and review your project. We are thrilled to expand our services and look forward to making your home the best it can be. Image Matters at Fresh Paint!