It’s easy to understand the importance of your exterior’s coating. It is, after all, exposed to hail, storms, and the occasional Godzilla.  Your indoor warehouses and offices might not catch much sunlight (or monsters), but it needs to impress your clients and corporate visitors. There’s nothing like a drab, washed-out atmosphere to kill your team morale, but business interiors must work as hard as your staff do. Equipment bashes into walls. Rising damp invites mildew to take up permanent residence in your factory, and lead from old paintwork leeches out of your walls, causing serious health problems. If you’re really unlucky, the next Godzilla might even gain entry to your warehouse, and if your industrial coating can protect your walls from clumsy load-carrying machines, it can certainly defend against giant reptiles.

The A-B-Cs of Interior Paint

A good coating waterproofs and protects your architectural assets as much as it does your human ones. Enamel achieves a washable surface for highly regulated industries like the food and pharmaceutical fields. Low VOC coatings will keep your team breathing easy and your volatile factory compounds safe from dangerous solvent-based paint. Walls have their own complex lives, so they respond to vapor and porousness in ways you might not realize. Waterproofing is often necessary, but sometimes, seasonal moisture and vapor reach the interior of your concrete, allowing efflorescence (a salty residue left behind from moisture) to flourish. Mold is only a step away, so Fresh Paint Inc. looks beyond easy solutions, always providing a moisture-resistant system, and not merely a waterproof coat.  

Your Floors Count, Too

Epoxy coatings are the superheroes you need to protect your flooring. They’re nubile enough to take extreme punishment, whether from crashing one-ton machinery or abrasive vehicles. That’s a flexural strength of over 10,000 psi. If you’re expecting more traffic than mere machinery, we’ll add a urethane coating to cope with Bill the Goth’s steel-capped engineer boots and forklift.


We know our Fresh Paint. Inc team looks like strapping warriors, but we can be as refined and corporate as Wallstreet rock stars. Some of us even own ties, so we know the importance of branding in your office block and warehouses. Your  culture is equally reliant on the palettes and textures you choose for your interior walls. Even our spouses can’t match our attention to detail, so we handle sophisticated wood finishes, faux finishes, and texturing, too. Wall coverings are, after all, our specialty, so our interior work has been celebrated by iconic businesses like Pier 500 and the Landmark Center Monument since 1985. We’ll fit your strict schedules, preserve historical buildings according to city ordinances, and consider your lighting’s effects on your hues. If you need a complex finish like Venetian Plaster, we’ll bring you style in spades. You don’t need to know the difference between a marmorino and a scagiola because we do, and we’ll guide you to your perfect look. Elle Décor wishes it had our team, but you do instead. 

More About Faux

Fabrication becomes more exciting every year. The décor industry is always coming up with new ways to mimic surfaces. Faux finishes now look like the real deal, but trends pass every year. This year’s Wabi Sabi coating is next year’s chocolate-and-orange-daisies wallpaper. If you’re not old enough to remember the latter, trust us when we tell you it was bad. We want to give you a faux finish that’s timeless and trendy simultaneously. Impossible? Nope, not when you have a gifted team like ours. Fresh Paint Inc. creates beautiful work because we aim high. Why wouldn’t we when we have spectacular businesses like yours to serve?