Herding contractors is much like herding cats. We might not be as elegant as felines, but most are just as indifferent to your schedule. We at Fresh Paint Inc. are different, though. If you’re working on a multi-faceted renovation, we’ll work with your other vendors like the consummate professionals we are. Remodeling requires teamwork, and you can count on us to become the driving force of your collaboration. 

Minimizing Downtime

Apple loses over $25 million to a mere 12-hour outage, and while you’re probably not quite as big as Apple, your downtime still comes with significant dollar loss. A multifaceted remodeling project can push those losses into the tens of thousands, so it’s important that your independent vendors work simultaneously. That’s no easy task. We definitely think your paint is the most important part of your project because coatings are glorious, but we acknowledge that you might want your carpeting and HVAC system to be handled equally well. That’s okay. We won’t take it personally, and we’ve developed quite a talent for juggling schedules with other contractors.

A strategic renovation schedule must reduce your downtime as far as possible, and that requires us to nip and tuck your timeline to the minute. Whether you’re installing cabinetry and fixtures, adding drywall, or demolishing old mortar, we’ll sit down with your vendors to develop a team-focused approach.

Electrical and plumbing rough-ins are the perfect opportunity to order coating supplies. Your framing and drywall installation is the ideal moment to start texturing your walls. Spraying and taping can get messy, though, and we can save you a significant amount of time by juggling our schedule with your cabinetry vendors so that residue doesn’t affect your fixtures. Ideally, your window and door surrounds will be managed just before you install your flooring. In short, your schedule is an exercise in managing chaos, but when contractors work as a team, it becomes a symphony. Who says renovation can’t be elegant?

The Dollar Value of Lack of Planning

Many vendors will charge you just for showing up on-site. If you don’t have a detailed timeline, those empty hours can cost you a fortune, and the only way to prevent that from happening is to create a working schedule ahead of time. Even if you’re an avid handyman (or woman) at home, you probably don’t have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to handle a comprehensive electrical installation, let alone a demolition. Fresh Paint Inc. has been working with other vendors since 1985, so we’ve gained a veritable treasure trove of knowledge of other contractors’ timelines and needs. We’ll interface with your workers to build a functional timeline, slotting into their work like a well-painted puzzle piece. We work on weekends and overnight, so we’ll sneak into your building long after your other contractors have gone home.

Living in the Solution

Subcontractors can and will encounter problems that push your careful planning out of whack, and sometimes, the only way around that is to exploit the only subcontractor-free hours available. Many businesses trade seven days a week, so we understand how important it is to stretch our schedule beyond traditional work hours. We laugh at extreme time constraints. We’re just that good at squeezing into impossible timelines. We’re the Santa Clause of coatings. We’ll climb down your chimney long after you’ve gone to sleep and leave before your business wakes up.

When you have dusty contractors rushing around your work space and you’re watching your profits drain, a few days of renovation can feel like an eternity. Trust me. We get it, so we’ll turn your project into a smoothly-running machine.

Do you have an upcoming project that involves many moving parts? Let us know and we’ll begin tackling the beast of scheduling and planning out your project in no time.