Remember how much fun it was to draw beautiful chalk pictures on the sidewalk? Although these colorful creations were only temporary, they took a dull, boring, “normal” element of our world and turned it into a work of art. Drive around many cities and towns throughout the country and you’ll discover that others – adults and children alike – are brightening the mundane by transforming often overlooked exterior features into eye-catching attractions.

At Fresh Paint, we see the potential for beauty in every aspect of your interior and exterior. Although our team is always happy to help you find the perfect shade of paint for your walls, we also want to let our customers know that virtually nothing is off-limits when it comes to sprucing up your industrial or commercial property. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a simple coat of paint can make your exterior surfaces standout!

Unique Exterior Painting Projects for Your Facility

When our customers hear the phrase “exterior painting”, they immediately assume that this references the painting of exterior walls. Your building’s surfaces are constantly bombarded with rain, UV light, dust, debris, and countless other elements that make your facility lose its shine. While many property managers do refresh their exterior walls with fresh paint, they don’t usually consider the property’s many other exterior elements like service doors, stairs, and manufacturing equipment.

Although your exterior painting refresh may have renewed the building itself, the other elements of your property deserve to shine just as brightly! Neglecting these important areas of your property is akin to taking a shower but never washing your clothing – it’s not going to present your property in the finest way possible. You want all aspects of your property to look amazing, not just the walls!

Unsure of what exterior painting projects you can take-on to completely revitalize your property from end to end? Don’t worry, the Fresh Paint team is here to help. We’ve got the entire exterior of your property covered from corner to corner. Where some people see generic objects like walkway bollards and metal electrical boxes, we see an opportunity for enhancement. Some of the most common exterior painting projects we complete include the painting of:

  • Metal Stair Structures
  • Bollards
  • Service & Overhead Doors
  • Door Frames
  • Metal Electrical Boxes
  • Light Poles

If it’s a feature of your commercial building or industrial property, Fresh Paint has it covered! Do you want to cover your safety bollards with a coat of paint that matches your branding? Not a problem. Would you like to unleash your creativity and throw a splash of color on an otherwise unassuming electrical box? Let your imagination run wild.

Take a look at the diverse exterior painting projects we’ve completed for other property owners to get your ideas flowing. The world is your canvas – give it a little Fresh Paint and bring vibrant color to every element of your facility. Give us a shout today for a no-commitment consultation on all of the exterior painting projects possible for your property.