We will be exhibiting at MNCAR on Oct 30th

Each year, Minnesota’s finest commercial real estate professionals gather to exchange knowledge at the year’s most celebrated local realty event. The MNCAR Expo is celebrating its 13th year, and Fresh Paint Inc. will be there to join the festivities. This year’s exhibition will draw the best industry performers from across the state, and while there will be a horde of fun to be had, we won’t forget the purpose of the Expo: To breathe fresh life into the construction and development industries.  

Fresh Paint Inc. will be exhibiting on October 30, where we’ll be sealing deals, finding affiliates to improve our service offerings, and hunting for partnerships. Ultimately, we’ll leave the expo grounds better able to serve your needs and budget. 

This is more than a mere networking opportunity, though. Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to do research. MNCAR is a learning environment, and the best business leaders understand that education never ends, no matter how long you’ve been operating. Thousands of industry leaders will be creating a snapshot of the sector’s future–a fascinating journey that you shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re a business partner who’s directly involved in commercial real estate, or one of our loyal clients, being part of the process will give you insight into how commercial real estate will be evolving in the coming years.

Minnesota Commercial Association of Real Estate has been helping to cement partnerships for over a decade. They help more than 12, 000 key decision-makers to improve their value proposition and give members a collaborative, community-oriented resource. They represent an impressive 95% of the listing agent population, so we’re thrilled to be a part of the expo. MNCAR offers powerful leadership to the industry, playing a key role in setting the standards that affect your commercial interests directly. The organization facilitates networking so that every vendor leaves with valuable new relationships. We’re looking forward to finding like minded vendors, and better resources. Most of all, we’re excited about seeing you there!

MNCAR is famous for its ability to create a lively atmosphere, whether it’s serving up delicacies or planning tournaments. Just because we’re there on business, doesn’t mean MCAR is too stiff for celebration. This is one of the liveliest expos on the real estate calendar, offering food, generous giveaways, and revelry. There will be games, drinking, and plenty of smiling, all with a daily happy hour to boot. The expo’s programs are fascinating and fun, so we hope you’ll join us for the celebration. See you there!