At Fresh Paint Inc, we admit we’re a little obsessed with walls: Foot walls, sidewalls, flood walls, seawalls… we love them in all their forms. We decided to diversify our interests way back when we were still wearing purple legwarmers and perms in the Eighties, so we became experts at coatings of all types. These days, we apply our considerable expertise to floors, metal structures, automotive showrooms, and more. We can even coat structural steel with the best of them. We still have a passion for walls, but now we spend our time hunting for the most robust coatings for any situation.

Today’s industrial coatings are as gritty and hard working as Dirty Harry on a dusty day. They can level floors, seal out moisture, repair prefab buildings, and prevent black mold. When cracked substrates see us coming, they ask themselves if they feel lucky, punk, and they rarely do. We’re just that good at what we do because we treat all the surfaces we handle with almost as much respect as we treat our clients.

Why We Love Coatings Even if they Don’t Cover Walls

Coatings have evolved to become technological innovations in their own right, partly thanks to the contributions of universities and scientists over the last decade. Today, paint has several superpowers. It can be self-healing and super-hydrophobic. It can resist fog and reduce glare. One day soon, it will even be self-cleaning, and it’ll throw in energy savings on the side. Why not? It’s doing everything else after all. It’s like Infinity War all over again, only with more superpowers and fewer explosions. Why would be want to limit all that strength to walls?

The Power of Coatings

If you think steel is one of the world’s strongest surfaces, you haven’t met metal coatings, yet. Steel details and infrastructure now rely on firming composites that interact with metal surfacing to raise impact strength. Coatings can do as much for your floors, albeit in a different way. Self-leveling and 100% solid epoxies add tensile strength while simultaneously keeping OSHA floor markings safe from abrasion. Those markings are turbo-charged safety tools, so we started handling them, too. If you’re facing OSHA regulations or merely need to create visual cues for workers, you can count on our in-depth knowledge to handle your traffic intelligently.  

Your building also needs waterproof membranes to keep it protected against dampness and rust. Think of this coating as a raincoat and galoshes for your business. Waterproof membranes protect against the weather, so your palette always looks as bright as it did on the day we painted it. In many ways, we’re in the image business, always making sure your brand sings. If you hired another coatings specialist to paint your building (Huge mistake. Huge!), we’ll restore and repair it, too.

We handle industrial equipment, as well. Punch presses, ovens, and spray booths are almost as awesome as walls, so we’ll give them the kind of coating that survives heavy use and tough chemical exposure. We’ll improve their light reflection in a way that makes your brand pop because even your factory deserves to be gorgeous.

Every Building is a Puzzle Waiting to be Solved

Every part of a building faces its own hazards, and many of them have never been faced before. That’s why Fresh Paint Inc. thinks of itself as the Sherlock Holmes of coatings. We approach every set of challenges with fresh eyes. As our pipe-wielding PI said, “There is nothing more stimulating than a case where everything goes against you.” We love unsolvable problems because we love doing the impossible.