Even the most impressive painting technique can’t make up for a poorly-chosen shade. Your building is a living icon of your brand. As the face of your business, it’s one of the most memorable reflections of your business values, creating trust, supporting your advertising, and even pushing up your financial value. Your identity is the single-most powerful aesthetic asset you own, so there’s no such thing as a mere coating. Paint might look humbly functional when it’s still in the can, but once we at Fresh Paint Inc. are done with it, your office block, warehouse, or store will come to life in vivid color. Few coatings specialists have the skill and willingness to help you design your space, but we are no ordinary company. We’ll take care of your stylistic dreams from the moment of their inception to the final sweep of the brush.

Branding and Return on Investment

Businesses often struggle to bridge the gap between their paint companies and designers. These two worlds only meet easily if you’re living in a Pantene color chart, and we’re pretty sure that’s not a planet that exists, much as we wish it did. Most paint companies deal with practicalities like cost-effectiveness and contractor schedules, and most designers deal with beauty and image, so unrealistic expectations are rife from both sides. We’re different. We understand that flow and functionality can coexist. We value design brilliance as much as we do epoxy, and we understand that the two can work together to push your return on investment through the roof. 

A well-designed venue is both functional and attractive enough to improve the customer experience. In a competitive marketplace like the one we participate in today, every component of your company, from its exterior brick and mortar to its corporate culture, needs to work as one. Aesthetic innovation and market failure make for easy partners. You need the advice of professionals, and that’s us. We’ll handle everything from your palette choices to your metal coatings. We’ll do a walkthrough of your space, then consult with you about what can be achieved.

A Holistic Design

Our name might be Fresh Paint Inc, but our workdays are about more than just paint. We handle railings, structural steel, walls, and even floors. That is, essentially, the skeleton of your space, both inside and out. All the colors you choose need to help make your brand pop, and if you don’t have a flair for design, that can be intimidating. Fleshing out your workspace is supposed to be fun, so let us make your dreams come true. We’re pretty good at that. Call us the fairy godmothers of coatings. We turn pumpkins into coaches and rags into glass slippers.

We Do Texture

You can only have design freedom if you have access to all of paint’s powers. That’s another of our talents. We handle staining, enameling, and textures. We coat stairs and tall buildings. We handle masonry, stucco, and prefab walls, and we can turn a simple layer of paint into a masterpiece. Color is a powerful thing, but when it’s combined with texture, it truly shines. That’s why we offer full consultations—so that we can discover a unified style that communicates your business culture elegantly.

Interior design can become expensive work, and we believe that every business should be able to access the best stylistic advice. We also want to leave every property with a sense of pride that we’ve given the space we’ve worked on its best lease on life. A cool office is within reach with Fresh Paint’s designers on your side. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you see what can be done – no commitment required.