Imagine if they let just anyone paint the Sistine Chapel, giving an artist carte blanche with no prior discussions or planning. Painting is an art form, but we also believe it’s a bit of a science, too. Whether you’re envisioning a piece de resistance for your waiting room or if you’re simply sprucing up your office walls with a fresh coat of paint, you’ll want the result to look exactly the way you pictured it.

Partners in Painting

Who wouldn’t love a masterpiece completed by the talented hands of a certain Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael — and we’re talking about the painters, not the turtles. At Fresh Paint, we are committed to delivering quality through every stage of the process. Using a custom approached designed with your goals in mind, our team consults our suppliers and professionals for each project.

You deserve the best solution for the best value, leaving you completely satisfied every time. We’re more than a painting service; we’re your partners in this project and are ready to provide your business with support for years to come.

A Custom Approach to Every Project

Even if the paint color is the same (or nearly the same), no two painting projects are alike. We understand that the machinery in an industrial property will require a different approach than the interior of high-rise offices. The best solutions require more than simply dragging a roller across a wall and watching paint dry.

We’ll get together and help you flesh out your vision down to every last detail. From planning to painting, the entire process will be completely customized so the final project exceeds your expectations.

Expert Involvement from Creation to Completion

You’re not alone in your project goals and neither are we. The Fresh Paint team takes pride in every project — but don’t worry, we’re not too proud to ask for advice from our trusted friends. Not only do we handpick the vetted professional painters who have the specific skills needed for your job, but we also bring in a team of experts for guidance. We consult our suppliers to determine which type and quality of paint will best meet your needs.

Don’t let us hog all of the fun — invite all of your facility management and maintenance personnel to state their concerns and provide us with their suggestions on how we can best achieve your goals.

The Best Solution Possible

While we may be showing our age a little, we will admit that our top management has nearly a century of combined experience in providing customized solutions for a variety of clients across every industry imaginable. We work efficiently and quickly, making your project seamless and painless. We’re also are ready to fix or treat any surface so your project retains its beauty for years to come. From small office spaces to full industrial complexes or multiple corporate sites, no job is too large or challenging for Fresh Paint (except for maybe the Sistine Chapel). 

Commercial & Industrial Painting 

You deserve unrivaled quality and complete satisfaction with every painting project no matter how large or small. We’ll take the time necessary to sit down with you and listen to your ideas before beginning the planning process. 

Since 1985, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners create a space that employees, customers, and clients feel proud to visit. The team at Fresh Paint is ready to work with you for years to come, helping your property’s aesthetic evolve as your business grows. Let us help you reinvent your space with a little Fresh Paint today!