Vanilla shell, what is it and why do I want it?

Every time a property goes up for sale we want to give it a nice, fresh and clean look before it hits the market. When we visit to tour a potential property it helps in the sale if the viewer is able to see themselves moving in. To do this we use Vanilla Shell.

Vanilla shell typically refers to the space having finished exterior walls with drywall and paint, a drop-grid ceiling with ceiling tiles or a drywall ceiling,  lighting installed, HVAC that is distributed, and often may include a finished restroom with running water, sewer, plumbing, fixtures, etc. The space may also include any amount of offices or additional walls and interior rooms. Additionally, there is the option of a Warm Vanilla Shell that includes a working heating & cooling system (one our personal favorites). Don’t even get us started on the Cold Grey Shell… brrr!

Why Vanilla Shell? Simply, it makes the space open to any type of tenant. And of course a clean canvas for which a new tenant can build upon with their own brand and design elements.

Turning some properties and looking for Vanilla Shell final touches? Fresh Paint has the resources and experience to complete your next project on time and with excellent results.