What is mud cracking?

Mud cracking is when deep cracks appear in a painted surface.

The deep, irregular cracks resemble dried mud in the dry paint film.

How does mud cracking occur?

There are two main causes for mud cracking:

  • The first is when the paint is simply applied too thick. This often happens when you are attempting to hide imperfections. Properly preparing the surface for painting is alway recommended . Paint adds to a room but is poor at hiding imperfections in surfaces such as drywall.
  • The second reason for intentional paint buildup is when a you try to use one coat instead of two. Some paints are designed to be applied in one coat, but some colors will always require a second coat. When using a color that requires more than one coat, it is better to let the first coat completely dry before adding the second coat. Dry time is essential, not rushing will ensure you get the coverage you are trying to achieve.

How do I fix mud cracking?

There are two steps when mud cracking has already happened:

  • Scrape the mud-cracked paint off of the surface
  • Sand the area until the mud cracks are no longer visible

Be sure to clean and prepare the surface for proper reapplication. Apply thin, even layers of paint and allow for critical drying time between coats. Also, feather and cut-in in the corners.

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