ISNetworld is a global leader in supplier and contractor management and connects over 75,000 active contractors and suppliers with nearly 650 Hiring Clients around the globe. It helps suppliers and contractors to improve workplace safety, streamline processes, and improve customers’ experiences.

ISN takes the guesswork out of the vetting process for both suppliers and contractors. It does this by collecting, reviewing, and storing your health, safety and procurement information.

Hiring Clients determine the information contractors and suppliers are required to submit. The requirements can be configured by site, business unit or risk level to identify companies that best fit each set of criteria. ISN collects self-reported information from contractors and suppliers. Once collected, the information is maintained in one centralized platform for hiring clients to access.

Why do Hiring Clients use it?

Did you know “Nearly 650 organizations use ISNetworld to help manage their contractors’ and suppliers’ information, streamline the prequalification process, promote transparency and improve workplace safety”?

Every Hiring Client determines their safety protocol and process requirements that contractors and suppliers need to comply with. ISNetworld helps Hiring Clients to find the right contractors and suppliers who comply with their standards. Hiring Clients are able to use ISNetworld to streamline their safety qualifications and approval process in order to improve workplace safety. 

Why do Contractors and Suppliers use it?

Active contractors and suppliers use ISNetworld to ensure they satisfy the safety requirements required by hiring clients. This opens doors for new and stronger relationships between hiring clients and contractors and suppliers.

Membership with ISNetworld allows suppliers and contractors to submit necessary information pertaining to the qualification process for multiple Hiring Clients at once, minimizing the time required to submit information to multiple Hiring Clients.

Process for Contractors and Suppliers

 The process to become a supplier or contractor member begins by submitting multiple documents and reports such as insurance documents, safety programs, and incident rates to ISNetworld. Once you become an ISNetworld member, you are able to begin connecting with Hiring Clients. This process is detailed below.

  1. Hiring clients establish a specific set of criteria that is to be met by contractors and suppliers.
  2. Hiring clients, when ready to receive bids, will request a connection with contractors and suppliers indicating they wish to obtain a bid.
  3. Suppliers and/or contractors then submit required documents, data, and written reports through ISNetworld. These submissions are graded on a point basis and each supplier and contractor will receive a point score. Hiring clients set the points needed to work with them and will review all suppliers and contractors that meet or exceed the required point value.

Tips Learned

In our time as an ISNetworld Contractor, we’ve learned a few tips to help you get the most out of being a member.

  • While reviewing the required documents and written programs requested by the Hiring Client, you may realize a specific requirement does not apply to your company. Take the time to request a waiver. Provide a detailed explanation that outlines your reason for not being able to meet their criteria. Oftentimes the hiring client will approve this waiver.
  • If you fall short in a particular category and don’t receive the necessary points to qualify, you can submit a letter/document/back up data/etc. that provides more clarity on why you did not meet the requirements. For example, if you do not receive all points possible under the Experience Modifier category, submit a letter from your insurance agency discussing accident reports for the year in question with details about why the company was not at fault for the accidents.
  • Wear the ISNetworld member badge proud and use it in all marketing material.
  • By joining ISNetworld, you save countless hours per year by utilizing a centralized database that submits required information by Hiring Clients at one time.

For more information on ISNetworld, visit their website here.