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As you may already know, we at Fresh Paint love the Great Minnesota Get-Together. This year, as hundreds of thousands of people from Minnesota and around the world gathered together to eat Nordic Waffles in Pebbles & Bam Bam, ride the SkyGlider, and peek at 4-H rabbits, they may have noticed a fresh coat of paint on some of the buildings and rides.

That’s right, this year the SkyGlider got a fresh coat of paint, we’re glad you noticed! We were pleased to help to keep the riders safe and happy, while also getting to enjoy some of our own work this year at the fair.

Remember, we believe that Image Matters, so give us a shout if you have a commercial painting project that requires quality and experience.

Some of the work done for this project:

  • Paint North/South Load Stations
  • Paint 10′ High Cable Towers
  • Paint 35′ High Cable Towers
  • Paint 40′ High Cable Towers
  • Paint Supporting Towers w/Connecting Arch
  • Apply New Tower Stencils
  • Paint Light Poles & Heads