Commercial Interior Painting » Stanley & Wencl: Minnesota Orthodontics

Minnesota Orthodontics’ Chanhassen location recently had a full makeover, including some Fresh Paint.  Overtime even the cleanest and neatest of places needs a touch up. It’s important to protect your interior spaces and surfaces, even in an orthodontics office where everything is kept squeaky clean 24/7. On this project we repainted the interior walls, doors, and ceiling to provide a fresh layer of protection for Minnesota Orthodontics’ office that will last for years to come.

We were able to work with Stanley & Wencl to provide the painting services for this project. The Chanhassen office is filled with a clean, fresh look everywhere, even on the ceiling! See some photos from the project below. Thanks to Stanley & Wencl for providing the photos.

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Some of the work done for this project:

  • Repaint Interior Walls
  • Paint Door and Door Frame
  • Paint Barn Door
  • Paint Gypsum Ceiling