Epoxy Floor Coatings » Klein Volvo

In an industrial building or automotive facility, floors really take a beating from the everyday responsibilities of work. Luckily, your floors can be protected and last longer due to various floor coatings, like epoxy. Klein Volvo’s floors needed a new coating of protection, and we provided just that. After cleaning and grinding to prepare the surface for the coating, a clear epoxy coating was applied to cover their floors with a layer of protection that can stand the test of time.

On this project we were able to provide Klein Volvo’s floors a clean, fresh look as well as the added benefits of protection for their floors. This project was completed in two phases, over two weekends, in order to allow Klein Volvo to resume work as normal each week. Fresh Paint is always able to work around any schedule to make sure your project can be done with minimal impact on your business’ hours.

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Some of the work done for this project:

  • Clean Floors
  • Grind Floors to Prepare Surface for Coating
  • Apply Clear Epoxy Topcoat to Floors