Commercial Exterior Painting » Kennedy Street Exterior

Paint is the fastest way to repair the image of your building. We take great care in assisting you in selecting the products and colors for your space. Living in an area with all four seasons our buildings experience the ultimate in the freeze-thaw elements.

In this project not only did we paint but we repaired and prepped the surfaces for a long lasting result. Pressure washing was required to remove the previous flaking and peeling paint plus hand scraping to ensure proper adhesion of the new fresh paint. After pressure washing and scraping we repaired the cracking with caulking. Finally we replaced damaged wood with new wood to ensure a beautiful final project.

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Before & After

Some of the work done for this project:

  • Power Wash Surfaces to Clean
  • Caulk Minor Cracks in Concrete Surfaces
  • Paint 22′ High Rough Raked Concrete Surfaces
  • Roof Cap – Bonding Primer/Paint
  • Wood Accents Changed to New Pre-Finished Wood
  • Paint Exterior Side of Steel Service Doors & Frames
  • Paint Crash Protection Bollards
  • Paint Roof Scuppers & Downspouts
  • Paint Tubular Dock Guard Railing
  • Paint Overhead Door & Lintel
  • Signage Protection