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In a fast paced fulfillment center, safety is a number one concern. With vehicles and staff moving rapidly up and down the aisles clear information and direction is imperative. To aid in traffic control Fresh Paint was able to add vibrant floor striping, crosswalks and traffic directions.

We work closely with our clients to design the safety environment that will best suit their needs. Contact Fresh Paint today to see what can be done in your building!

Some of the work done for this project:

  • Grind/Shot Blast to remove existing stripe and prep concrete floor for new striping.

  • Layout and paint striping

  • Clear topcoat

  • Grind, layout & paint crosswalk

  • Grind, layout & paint red box & stencil white STOP

  • Grind, Layout & paint Red box & stencil No Pedestrians In White

  • Grind, layout & paint boxes across the pedestrian walkway.