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Outdoor stadiums take on the elements of sun, wind, water and snow, along with the rough treatment of players and fans. What better treatment for a stadium to roar to life again but with a coat of Fresh Paint?

Paint coatings can peel for many different reasons, but there is nothing that we enjoy more than seeing the transformation that takes place before and after our high quality commercial coatings do their job.

The visual impact of a new paint job is hard to argue with, but remember, there are other reasons it’s important to keep your building or stadium’s exterior covered with quality paint. Ensuring your building is tough enough to fend off the damaging effects of water and rust will help it to last longer and do it’s job better, whether that job is holding thousands of screaming fans or industrial equipment.

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Before & After

Some of the work done for this project:

  • Hydro-blast surfaces
  • Remove failed caulking & make repairs
  • Remove and reinstall benches after painting
  • Clean and prime supports
  • Corothane on bleacher floor and steps
  • Walls and steel service doors enamel
  • Repaint Hylander graphics