Peeling paint on or in a building is a common problem that affects property managers and maintenance workers alike. Peeling can instantly make your property look shabby and poorly maintained, which can reflect on you if not corrected. To protect your investment, you want your building to look their best for guests, customers and prospective clients.

BUILDING-RELATED – Moisture Issues

The building’s structure may be the issue behind the problem. These issues can allow unwanted moisture into the frame:

  • a leaking roof
  • un-caulked joints
  • general deterioration of caulking

The extra moisture can cause swelling which pushes the paint off in certain areas. It can also lead to rot and, ultimately, costly repairs.


Another common problem is weather-related humidity. If your building is located in a naturally humid region, the excess moisture can cause paint to peel and eventually fall off.

Humidity may not result in immediate damage, but can take a toll on your paint over time. This is why it is critical to prepare for future damages by choosing the right materials the first time and performing appropriate preventive strategies.

PAINTING-RELATED – Poor Preparation

Peeling paint can also be the result of poor preparation and using the wrong materials for the job.

Surface preparation is critical to getting an even and long-lasting paint job right the first time. Skimping out on this can cause the peeling paint issue and other complications later.

Another thing to consider is the type of paint you are using. For example, oil-based paint should never be applied on a wet or even damp surface. Doing so will eventually lead to peeling. Weather conditions while painting can also impact the quality of the finish, especially when dealing with latex-based paints.

To fix paint peeling once the damage is already done, you will most likely need to repaint and take appropriate preventive action to ensure a high quality job.

As with many maintenance issues, knowledge and good products make it easy to keep any building looking attractive and Fresh Paint has the expertise to restore your project to its glory. Contact us for consultation!