Riverwood Estates was in desperate need for a refresh, and had paint that hadn’t been been updated for at least 30 years. The buildings were drab, dull, and dated. We knew the before and after results would be incredible. 

Upon being awarded the project we worked closely with an award winning color designer that specializes in apartment building painting projects. They chose colors that made the buildings vibrant. 

After the colors were chosen and the plan was set we proceeded to pressure wash each building and take care of necessary caulking.

We then started prepping the buildings, taping & protecting all windows, doors and so forth.

On the day the painting started we spent time covering all vehicles to protect them from the project.

Once we finished painting of the body of each building we painted the trim, downspouts and other misc. items.

As you can see from the “After” pictures, this property is now up to date and is a place the tenants will be proud to live.

Thank you to the Main Street Companies, the property manager Steve Spector and color designer Steven Heili for all your help and input to this project.

It was a pleasure working with all of you.