Welcome to a future where your building exterior cleans itself!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We’ll admit, when our contractors at Fresh Paint first heard that there was an exterior paint coating featuring self-cleaning capabilities, we were a little skeptical. Our experienced team of painters uses only the finest products for our clients’ projects — which means we make sure every supplier’s claim is the bonafide truth. Believe it or not, a self-cleaning exterior cleaning exists — and we’ve got it for you!

Introducing the Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating, the newest product proudly used by Fresh Paint!

New Product Feature: Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating by Sherwin-Williams

Manufactured by Sherwin-Williams, the reliable brand residential and commercial owners alike have trusted for over a century, their Loxon family of products are specially designed to endure the harshest outdoor conditions. These phenomenal products are known for their durability, fighting everything from mildew to high alkalinity and efflorescence. Basically, whatever the world is throwing at your building’s exterior, Loxon products defend it (unless Godzilla happens to roll through town).

How can the Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating help you? Imagine a team of employees guarding your building around the clock, deflecting UV rays, wicking away dirt and grime, and keeping your exterior looking fantastic for years. It may be a good idea on paper, but not on the payroll. In all seriousness, consider how often you have your building’s exterior cleaned. You’ll likely hire a third-party service once every year, or more often, increasing your operating costs and only providing a temporary clean. The environmental damage your building faces throughout the year can lead to paint blisters, fading, and peeling — and that’ll happen despite your annual cleanings.

Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating is better than a defensive line dedicated to your building. This high-performance coating is engineered to protect the integrity and appearance of your exterior. Applicable for bare or pre-coated concrete, masonry, cement board, EIFS, and stucco, any time water comes in contact with this exceptional formula, it will immediately “self-clean” by shedding dirt off of the surface. It also prevents the build-up of mildew and mold and meets strict VOG regulations. This coating can also be tinted to a variety of colors to keep your building looking spectacular.

Who wants to spend the time, energy, and money on excessive repaints and cleaning? We love painting, but take it from us, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a messy exterior. Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating provides a strong, protective barrier that gets the job done without sacrificing aesthetics. Give us a call to learn more about how Fresh Paint can protect your building’s exterior with Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating from Sherwin-Williams!