We’ve all been there. You walk into a favorite restaurant or store, and you immediately feel a sense of calm. Sure, the prospect of food and drink or a little retail therapy might have something to do with it, but often it’s your brain reacting to what your eyes see. It might be dimly lit with a mix of cool, muted colors that puts you at ease, or it could be bright and airy with punches of vibrant oranges and yellows that excite and engage. Either way, what it boils down to is this: color matters. As much as color can affect a shopper’s mood, it can be equally important in promoting productivity and creativity in the workplace.

With winter approaching and hours of daylight dwindling, employee morale can take a hit just from the surroundings. While the sun gets to check out early, workers are left to finish the shift and it becomes increasingly important to create a visually interesting environment for the people who spend 40+ hours a week in it. Warehouse and second or third shift workers are typically operating in spaces that feature artificial lighting, poured concrete flooring, and a constant drone of machinery, making it all the more vital that color be introduced into the workspace.

We’ve partnered with one of our clients to work on brand identity and workspace design. Soulo, a marketing/design/print/sign all-under-one-roof shop, adopted a new brand: logo, typeface, color, etc. They asked us to give both the exterior and interior of their office and warehouse space an update. We laid down some vivid orange alongside rich gray tones to help tie their brand to their physical location.

If you’re in the market for a splash of color in the workplace, inside or out, the experts at Fresh Paint would happily set up a consultation and help you bring some color into your life!