How Fresh Paint Can make your space stand out in 2020

Your brand identity is woven through every brick of your business, from its interior walls to its warehouse floors. If your architecture is chipped and bubbling, you’re projecting an equally fragmented brand. Are the Googleplex’s bright primary hues crying out for a fresh coat of paint? Nope. Is The Bank of China’s glistening metal structure desperate for a makeover? Of course not.

There’s a reason the world’s brand giants have such spectacular buildings. Successful brands understand that the world judges their companies based on what they “wear” on the outside. That’s one of the reasons they generate such impressive profits. Precision is all-encompassing for the Googles and Virgins of the world. They pour excellence into everything from their corporate cultures to their interior office spaces, so their outsides match their insides gorgeously.

What is Design Really Worth?

McKinsey Design recently tracked the design habits of 300 companies over five years, weighing their glorious good looks against their financial performance. They found (surprise!) that companies that outperformed their own industries by two to one or more were just as successful at meeting building design benchmarks. Maybe businesses, like people, perform better when they look like a million bucks, or maybe businesses that perform better make a habit of applying their rigor to every aspect of their companies. We at Fresh Paint Inc think it’s the latter, but we swear we’re not biased. We do love paint, though, and correlation always equals connection when it comes to coatings.

The study’s results held true across industries, from retail banking to medicine, proving that what you do is just as important as how you look when you do it. More importantly, the research showed that buyers spend their money with brands that stand out from the crowd.

So what does that mean for your coatings? We thought you’d never ask. Today’s beautiful coat can soon become tomorrow’s weathered, rusty one, so it’s not enough to achieve a Vogue-worthy aesthetic. All that vivid beauty needs to outlast your climate, foundation weaknesses, and that one forklift driver named Frank who’s always bashing into your warehouse walls.

Commercial property managers adore us because we don’t just enhance. We protect. We have the business smarts to improve your property’s market value, so call us the Wall Street of Paint. We work efficiently around the harshest of schedules, too, so don’t mind us. We’ll go home in time for that big conference or team building event.

Even Paint Needs a Tom Ford

A paint specialist who can do little more than provide a lasting coating is just a janitor with a paintbrush. We’re more than that. Paint has undergone a remarkable revolution in recent years. Effects like faux textures and Venetian plaster finishes aren’t the underachievers they once were. Today, those paint techniques are every bit as convincing as they claim to be. We’re thrilled that the words “innovation” and “paint” can finally be used in the same sentence. This year, that means soft marbling, translucent glazes, and yes, even leather effects for interiors, and faux concrete and industrial surfaces for exteriors. Faux effects look impossibly authentic, so businesses have never looked this lush.

Your building should look as though it’s been dressed by Tom Ford. Your clients should feel your corporate culture in their bones, and your staff should be inspired by their work spaces. That’s a job we take seriously, so we do it exceptionally well, even if we do say so ourselves.