Fresh Paint Makes a Big Impact Everywhere

Coatings are the superheroes of the construction industry, and they have far more powers than Spiderman could ever wish for. They can protect, demarcate, and add glimmer to your brand. They can prevent leaks, seal corners, and keep tanks and railings slip-free. They can do anything they put their minds to…well… except swing between skyscrapers on the end of a spiderweb.

We think they’ll probably figure out how to get that right some day, but let’s put those ambitions away for the moment and take a look at why Fresh Paint Inc. is more than just our fresh paint.

Branding Magic

Your entire business forms part of a unified brand. Your clients and customers don’t limit themselves to your front-facing buildings. They roam onto your car dealerships and showrooms. They drive past your factories and judge you by your commercial properties. That means every surface, inside and out, is a key component of your brand. Your coatings must look as spectacular on Day 600 as they do on Day One, so we do more than just choose lasting paint. Coatings are only as durable as their preparation methods are thorough, so we make sure that gorgeous finish is applied to a pressure-washed surface. Floors often need a different kind of attention, so we grind, shot blast, and perform safety striping. That way, your warehouses are as safe as the regulatory landscape expects.

We even do color consulting, so if the words “palate” and “chromatic” frazzle your nerves, we’re the people you need on your side. Once we’ve prepared your surface, we’ll put our artists’ hats on and achieve professional coating effects that are worthy of the image you’ve worked so hard to build.

Floored by Floors

The industry has developed fabrication techniques that are sophisticated enough to fall in love with, so we’re as passionate about floors as we are about walls. That’s why we became the Twin Cities Expert on floor coatings. We guarantee results that outlive those of our rivals, and we’ll achieve them without straying beyond your schedule, even if it means working through the night. We’ll perform crack and joint repairs to ensure a smooth, water-resistant surface. We handle self-leveling epoxies with a flourish, and our striping is always expertly informed. It is, after all, what stands between your cherished workers and serious falls.

100% solid epoxies have charged into the flooring industry with… what’s that word again? Oh, yes, panache. In tandem with urethane, it’s revolutionized the coatings sector. We love it for its short cure times and VOC-free compounds, and so will you.

Metal Finishing Systems

Railings, structural steel, and tanks are frequently ignored, but they deserve as much attention as your walls. We’re used to working with environments that withstand heavy use, so we know how to hunt for the right coatings for your unique challenges. Even if your factory processes harsh chemicals, we’ll find a surface that can stand up to them.

It’s true that Fresh Paint is a little obsessed with walls. You would be, too if you painted them as well as we do, but we’ve become general coatings specialists in our own right. You could say our true passion is building a spectacular image, whether that means adding magic to striping your warehouses or waterproofing your facilities.