They say team building events are like watching paint dry, but we at Fresh Paint find paint quite fascinating, so we were thrilled to set off on our Team Building event. This year, we decided to head off to the State Fair, which we been painting at for many years. We arrived at 7 am, bright and sparkly. Well (ahem) most of us did (cough).

The Sensational SkyRide

fresh paint in the space towerWe took to the SkyRide to admire our paint from 2018, and it was every bit as glorious as we remembered it (obviously.) Since none of us are afraid of heights at all – No really. We truly aren’t. Don’t look at us like that. It’s the gods’ honest truth – we hopped onto the Space Tower to admire even more of our paint from last year. It was just as glorious as the paint we’d just seen from the SkyRide, if you want to know. The view was pretty spectacular, too, admittedly, but it paled in comparison.

Sky Gliding Heroes

skyglider at state fairIt took us a while to settle on our next move, but we ultimately decided to admire more of our paint from last year at the French Fry stand. We’re sure you can guess how glorious it was given your psychic powers, which is why you probably know what we did next. Yep, admire more paint. Banzai! This time, we did it on the Sky Glider, which didn’t terrify us at all given our complete comfort with terrifying heights. Still, we got to see some great paint, so it was all worth it in the end.

Craft of a Different Kind

A little bird told us there was glorious paint to be admired from the MN Craft Brewer Guild at the Agricultural Building, so that’s where we went – for the paint, not the brews. What? It’s true. We took a team photo in front of a Thank You Sign the MN Craft Brewer Guild kindly posted for us. However, two of our team were missing, probably because they’d heard there was some paint to admire elsewhere, and not because they were busy ordering a craft brew. Our team is nothing if not passionate about our work.

There’s No “I” in Team

We happened upon a Minecraft stuffie in the midway, so we naturally had to win it. Every big, strapping, brew-loving man needs a stuffie, as you no doubt know. Unfortunately, we were too busy arguing about who got sole custody of the stuffed creature to admire any paint, but, as Patrick Lencioni so wisely said, “Teamwork requires some sacrifice.” Our particular sacrifice was profound, but we survived our 10 paint-free minutes like the heroes we are.

Next was our team lunch, and to get there, we had to walk 5, 000 miles barefoot in the snow. Dinos Gyros hosted us, and their Sweet Greeks cheese puffs were almost delicious enough to distract us from the paint. Almost. 

A New Uniform

The Timberwork Lumberjack Show was next–an athletes’ buck sawing, logrolling, speed climbing event that we were shocked to find did not include any paint. We had a Minecraft stuffie to clutch, though, so our tears were short-lived. We learned that you can achieve anything if you’re wearing flannels and suspenders, so we briefly discussed instituting a uniform policy for our team, replete with Movember moustaches and sideburns. Then we got distracted by Giggles’ Campfire Grill, which is probably a fortuitous distraction in terms of our company culture.

All good things must come to an end, and it was time to head home. Our day was as exciting as watching paint dry, so next year, we might do it all again.

Fresh Paint Team