Long lasting exterior metal painting & coatings

Our top management has more than 85 years of combined painting experience, and we continue to seek the best possible solutions for our clients. Durethane, a high-solids, high-build, two-component acrylics urethane mastic, has proven to be the paint system necessary for long-term results in coating metal surfaces. An efficient application system creates sustained, quality work, and consistent results.

  • Direct-to-metal application, even on rusted metal if tightly prepped
  • Superior color and gloss retention
  • Abrasion and mar resistant
  • Prohibits premature corrosion
  • LEED points available

A process that holds up over diverse, long and abrasive Minnesota seasons.  A coating ideal for tanks, railings, ironwork fencing, structural steel and various manufacturing and production facilities.

Fresh Paint does it just a little differently than most other commercial painters. What’s the difference? We hire all our own employees, cover all insurances, and stand behind our work with satisfaction guarantees. We’ve been doing business this way for 30 years. Give yourself the peace of mind by hiring people you can get to know and trust.

Maximize your first impression for years to come, and protect your coatings using the industry’s top finishing system.