Downtime can lose you hundreds of dollars an hour in revenue, but some industries suffer more profit loss than others. When the average automotive manufacturer shuts down, it loses $22,000 a minute. Your losses are probably not as dramatic, but they still carry a significant dollar value. That depletion doesn’t always reveal itself through an easily-calculated sum. Shutting down causes inventories to become depleted. Innovation is halted. Customers lose trust in your brand, so while we won’t blame you for enjoying a day or two off work, you shouldn’t need to close shop for weeks on end just to get a fresh coat of paint. Fresh Paint Inc. supports your need for a mid-week, pizza-infested Netflix marathon, but we also have several tricks up our sleeves to minimize your downtime during a project.

Working Around the Clock

Many of our clients can’t afford to shut their doors for a day, let alone a week, so we’ll give you a spectacular coat of paint during your closing hours. Santa Clause isn’t the only one who turns up at midnight. Our workers are flexible enough to operate around your trade requirements, so you won’t need to lose a single minute.

The Consequences of VOC-Laden Products

A fresh coat of paint causes enough symptoms to fuel a WHO conference. Volatile compounds can cause dizziness, nausea, and eye irritation, so a fresh coat of paint can leave your office empty for days. Your customers won’t thank you for those initial symptoms, either, so you can expect to lose sales while your coating dries. Many VOCs are carcinogens, and their consequences are felt years after the paint dries. That’s why we only use VOC-free coatings. With us, you’ll be able to move back into your office before your coating even sets without feeling the need for a hazmat suit.

The Upshots

Your building is a living icon of your brand. It represents your values, your professionalism, and your company culture. Cracking, bubbling paint tells your clients that they can expect indifferent service, and it doesn’t limit itself to your public reputation. Studies show that your workplace environment adds a solid 25% to your staff’s job satisfaction and raises performance by 5 to 11%. There’s a reason that brand titans like Google invest millions into their office environments. They’re a clear, visible reflection of your guiding principles. Treat your design with respect, and those who use it will treat their jobs with respect.

Fresh paint impacts on your bottom line in other, less obvious ways. Coatings are about more than just walls. Today’s unique paint and techniques will liven up your floors and add to your ambiance. You don’t need to add the mobile libraries or pop-up hair salons that the Googles of the world offer their employees, of course, but you should keep your work ecosystem in good shape.

Warehouse Strategies & Regulations

The striping in your warehouse has a direct impact on your packing and stock control strategy. It keeps your employees protected from falls and draws out all the productivity your staff are capable of. The right striping strategy will keep your warehouse operating at full tilt, and it ensures that you’re compliant with the safety regulations of your industry. What happens when you need to replace all that striping, though? With us, nothing much—we’ll do the work on weekends and overnight if necessary, so you won’t need to disappoint your clients.

Fresh Paint Inc understands the pressures of your business, so we’ll develop a scheduling strategy that fits your brand like… well… a fresh coat of paint.