Did you know we do multi-site projects

Whether you’ve got one location or over 100 that need a refresh or a re-branding, we can handle it. Need it done quickly? We can handle that too. At Fresh Paint, we take pride in our ability to take on even the most challenging of multi-site projects and to do them well. We complete all projects, no matter how big or how small, with the highest of quality and smiles all around. We have completed multi-site projects for companies such as:

In the multi-site project for Speedway’s complete rebranding, we repainted over 100 stores in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas. But get this. We only had one month to do it. We completed all stores on time and in style, because we know the importance of deadlines and keeping your business open and available for you to serve your customers.

On the multi-site project for Holiday, we helped them with the task of a total refresh for brand consistency. On this project we painted most of the stores in Minnesota. This refresh gave Holiday stores a fresh that made all stores easily recognizable no matter the location.

We have the ability, flexibility, and industry knowledge to accommodate even the most specific needs for your project. Our experienced management team will craft a strategic plan around each company’s needs to ensure that your multi-site project is completed with efficiency, simplicity, and on-time. We can work around schedules to make the process seamless and find a solution to any challenge.

As a trusted paint specialist since 1985, we can execute your large-scale project from all angles, including but not limited to:
• Maintenance programs
• Re-branding
• Restoration
• Advertising installations
• Interior fixtures
• Vinyl wraps
• Industrial and lot striping
• Pressure washing
• Wallcoverings
• Interior and exterior coatings

We have a saying around here that Image Matters, because it does. Our expert painters pay attention to detail and get the job done right. We guarantee customer satisfaction and don’t consider the project finished until we know you are satisfied with the results.

So, if you have more stores than you want to think about that need repainting, call us and we will work with you to make the project effortless. If you have multiple bridges that need painting or coatings, you can call us, and we will get started. How about multiple high rises that need the interior or exterior refreshed? We can handle it. Or maybe you have multiple amusement parks and the rides need a fresh coat. You can call us too. Any multi-site project you have, we live for the challenge and we will get it done right.