I am continuously receiving work orders for delicate, active, around the clock flexible work for all types of clients including great grocery chains across the metro area. I paint everything from insides of coolers to ceiling grids; walls and door frames to grocery carts. A lot of the work orders I receive are less than a full day’s work. Sometimes I’m at two or even three locations in one day to make an 8-19 hour shift. The jobs I do are not too physically demanding most of the time; I am rarely on a ladder over 8 feet high. But the jobs demand patience, politeness, and strange working hours. My work orders tend to come in waves. Sometimes I am swamped and other times I have only a few things to do. I usually ask for an extra person when I get busy. If you would like to be that extra person, please seek me out! I need someone who is polite, flexible, and who communicates. I need someone who doesn’t mind waiting a few minutes to paint their next wall while an 85-year-old shopper creeps by with their walker.

~Alaina Baglio

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