salvation army

Our team at Fresh Paint has the honor of working with many heroes and amazing organizations and businesses in the community. Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, one organization that has truly stepped up and is making a big impact is The Salvation Army.

Making an Impact

The Salvation Army has been hard at work helping those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the number of people being laid off or furloughed and the demand in some locations increasing by as much as 800%, it’s no surprise that the organization’s resources have been stretched. By the amazing efforts of those in the Salvation Army and people in the community, they have still been able to help all in need.

Even with the challenges that come with increased safety precautions, the organization is still able to run all of its shelters and provide temporary and permanent housing to those in need. However, due to safety concerns all Salvation Army thrift stores have been temporarily closed, resulting in a large decrease in fundraising for the Adult Recovery Center in Minneapolis.
Despite so many challenges and obstacles in their way, The Salvation Army remains committed to serving anyone who is in need – but they do need help.

You can read more about the impact The Salvation Army is making in the community through their stories here:

Urgent Needs

The rise in demand for food and services and the increase in safety precautions has created a need for volunteers. Volunteers make the organization run and without them, The Salvation Army cannot reach as many people as they need to. The organization has been blessed with a team of people dedicated to helping serve, but they are always in need of more. If you are interested and able, they are committed to providing a safe environment for all volunteers with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer as well as following social distancing guidelines.

Another urgent need is contributions to their resources. Donating to The Salvation Army can create a big impact as they are able to direct the donation to what resources are needed most. People wanting to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis can do so by making a donation to support The Salvation Army’s emergency operations.

How to Help

We have been blown away by the devotion and commitment to serving others that has been demonstrated by The Salvation Army. If you’re interested in supporting their mission of making a donation, visit their website here: