I am coming up on my one year anniversary with Fresh Paint. Starting with very limited painting experience, I have learned a ton from being in the field with our awesome painting team. The word TEAM gets used a lot. Project to project, strong teamwork and customer relations provide quality job completion and Fresh Paint clients look forward to using us again.

Gable Pine Senior Development has been the never-ending project, with many hurdles both on the exterior and interior. There are many different trades working onsite at all times, and most of them have been great to work with. When Adam, Zack, and I started out there back in October, it was clear that the project was well behind schedule (the sign that boasted of opening September 2015 was a clue). By staying patient, coming to work each day on time, getting to know the different tradesmen and superintendent, the job started to move along. We had to do a lot of moving of the product and building of the racks. It was really hard work some days but we never complained – just did what we had to do to get through each day’s work. The building of the job site relationships helped kept this building from turning into a disaster. I know that with Mark’s crews on the interior and my crews on the dungeon, Fresh Paint is going to be near the top for trades that D6 Construction would use again on future projects. Great job to all who were involved!

~Domenic DiPietro